May 13, 2010

Read this excellent piece of writing today.

What stood out to me was the thought of fake-connectedness. Unfortunately during the past few months, for a variety of reasons, I’ve been feeling a disconnect from some of the most important people in my life. The only connection I’ve had with them is through facebook or twitter, or instant messaging on my blackberry. It’s a temporary fix, fleeting moments of wall posts or re-tweets, that pale in comparison to even a simple hug.

But what’s missing is that connection physically, whether it’s in person or even talking on the phone. Because you get so much more from that, it’s more fulfilling, more inspiring, which I think goes back to the article above.

Fake-connectedness makes me feel small. Putting your effort into real-connectedness is enriching.


One Response to “Connect”

  1. lena Says:

    Hi Anthony!

    I read about a study that was recently done with 8-12 y old girls who had to perform in stressful situations. Some of them got a phone call from their moms, some got to see their moms and some just watched a neutral movie. The girls that had contact with their moms, even just over the phone, fared way better in the stressful competition (I think it might have been a spelling bee), than the girls who watched the movie. While you aren’t a 12 yr old girl in a spelling bee, I do think that regular contact with the people that matter most is really important in keeping us all grounded. For a young girl, the person that matters most is their mom, but as we grow older that circle expands to include other people.

    I hope you’re doing well out in the falls! If you plan on coming up to Toronto at all, let me know! We should get coffee!

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