May 2, 2010

Been thinking a lot recently about what I really want to do with this blog. Writing is a way of organizing ideas, and to publish writing is to receive feedback for those ideas. I have a tumblr where I post specifically about design, and I’m more comfortable there expressing personal ideas and letting people read them. But I started this blog to be more personal, because I had too many thoughts rattling around in my brain, and I wanted somewhere where they could exist outside of my brain.

But I’ve become more and more hesitant to publish things here. In fact, I’m more likely now to write something out, and save it on my hard drive, but not post it publicly for others to read. I guess I’m happy to write and collect ideas, because it’s a lot easier than bottling things up inside, but allowing certain people to see those ideas is a bit more challenging for me.

It’s not that I don’t want to express certain feelings to certain people. But if I write a blog with only one person in mind, it doesn’t prevent any number of other people from also seeing it, and making their own judgments about what it’s about. I’d much rather take the thoughts I’ve written, but deliver them to a person in a more specific way, one-on-one whether it’s in person or through email or on the phone.

Because then, the reaction is immediate, and the result is more profound, whether it’s positive or negative.


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