June 7, 2009

Sometimes I realize just how integeral the computer has now become in my life. For 40 hours a week I work on a computer. When I come home from work, I spend a fair amount of time at night on the computer. During school, I do 80% of my work on the computer.

It’s not even about how much of myself I leave on the Internet, through Facebook, this blog and MSN. It is about how physically the computer has taken a place in my life, almost like a new limb attached to my body. I can deliever my thoughts, and my feelings to the computer from my brain, much like I tell my right hand to scratch the left hand from my brain.

This is not a positive feeling.


One Response to “Computers”

  1. Diana Says:

    you’re becoming a robot!
    meep meep

    but in all seriousness, welcome to the 21st century. can’t wait to get that microchip installed in my brain!

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