Right and Wrong

May 20, 2009

One of the more blunt life lessons I’ve learned recently, is that something is wrong until you do it yourself, then it automatically becomes right.

During the Bush Administration, whenever someone dared to criticize their destructive policies, they were usually called un-American or even a traitor by the Conservative echo chamber in places like Fox News and newspapers across the country. But now that President Obama is implementing policies that Conservatives don’t necessarily agree with, on a purely ideological level, these same Conservatives feel it’s their sworn duty to criticize every single move the president makes. They even now claim that to NOT criticize the president is un-American.

And some of the policies that Conservatives are currently saying are turning American into some sort of a Socialist paradise of death and dispair, are the very policies the Bush Administration implemented. But back then, these were measures were apparently perfectly reasonable to save the nation.

Supporters of the Tamil Tigers in Toronto are rallying against the massive cilvilian casulties suffered during the Sri Lankin civil war, a just cause to fight for. But they seem to ignore their own history of suicide bomings, kidnappings and assasinations, actions that have taken the lives of civilians as well, or they justify these actions for the good of the cause.

Apparently it is fine to show anger and hostility towards others, until people respond to that hostility in kind with their own, and suddenly they don’t have the right to confront you.

The only experience a person can fully understand is their own, yet that doesn’t seem to stop people from judging the actions of others, and deciding their experiences for them.


One Response to “Right and Wrong”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    This is so true. Objectivity is a rare commodity!

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